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    Hi, I'm Victoria and I'm a photographer.


    My bio

    I've been taking photographs since I was a little girl. Over the last 15 years or so, I've become very intrigued with capturing all aspects of life. I have photographed many special events, including weddings, milestone birthday parties, graduations, special events with businesses and so much more.


    In addition, I capture these photos, when requested, into video slide shows, hardback coffee table books, or calendars, to name a few - all of which are great to share or keep as lasting treasures.


    Contact me for more information. My rates are competitive and reasonable and well worth the price of capturing your special moments.


    I'm located in the New York area and I can be reached via email at msvictoriadrake@gmail.com. You may also connect with me via the Contact Me form at the bottom of my website.


    Happy shooting!


    *All photographs are owned by Victoria Drake Photography and may not be shared unless permission is given by Victoria Drake Photography*

    I'm also a writer.

    My bio

    In addition to being a photographer, I am also a freelance writer. I've written for various publications and have worked as a ghost writer on two books to date.


    If you would like a story written and would like to incorporate photos into your story, get in touch with me.


    Interested in doing your autobiography? Let me help you capture the history that surrounds you and your life.


    Contact me via email at msvictoriadrake@gmail.com or use the Contact Me form at the bottom of my website.



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    Interested in contacting me to photograph your special event, or special moment? Do you need photographs taken of your property or property that you're selling? Let me know, Something else? I can help.


    I work in the New York area. Send me a quick note to find out more about my services.


    Time to capture it. Let me help.